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How to Transfer

To transfer an existing domain, simply enter your existing domain name in the 'Domain Name Search' box to the left, and choose 'Search'.

If you are transferring more than one domain name, use our bulk transfer tool.

How to Manage

You'll have full control of all your domains, including DNS changes, nameserver changes and whois privacy settings.

Simply login to MyAccount after purchase/transfer to manage your domains.

Domain name maintenance

Our easy to use management control panel, MyAccount, allows you to manage and maintain all aspects of your domain names.

Changing your details

It's important to keep your details up to date for each domain name so that if there is a problem, you can be contacted quickly and have any issues resolved without the need to suspend the domain name.

Changing your contact name, postal address, email address or telephone numbers is completely free of charge and can be completed online through our MyAccount control panel.

You can also change the registrant name for any domain name, however some registries levy a charge in order for you to do this. This process is called a registrant transfer (not to be confused with a registrar transfer). A registrant transfer has to be performed for domain names registered with Nominet (domain names that end with .uk, including,,,,

The charge for a registrant transfer for .uk domain names is £10.00.

Completing a registrant transfer is simple, but this must be completed through your online Nominet account ( Bareflame are unable to complete this change for you at this time.

Transferring domain names

There are no fees associated with transferring out any domain name under our management. You can unlock and request an authorisation code at any time, and change the IPS TAG of any .uk domain name free of charge.

Renewing your domain name

Our fees are simple. One set of pricing for both registration and renewal. When you choose to renew your domain name with us, you'll be charged the same price you paid at the time of registration, and we'll renew it for the same period.

You can of course, at any time, choose to renew your domain name for any period up to 10 years (providing the registry allows multi-year registrations). To renew, login to MyAccount

View our domain pricing.

Are there any ongoing costs?

No! When you register or renew a domain name with us, the fee you pay covers all costs until the domain expiration date. Providing you renew the domain name within 30 days after expiration, then just the renewal fee applies. From day 31 after expiration, you may be charged a registry redemption fee if you wish to keep your domain name.