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Setting Up a Mailing List

To set up a mailing list:

  1. On your Home page, click the domain name you need.
  2. Click the Mail icon in the Services group.
  3. Click the Mailing lists tab.
  4. Click the Switch On icon in the Tools group to start up the Mailman software on the server.
  5. Click the Add New Mailing List icon in the Tools group.
  6. Specify the desired name for the mailing list.

    This can be, for example, a department name, a topic of the mailing list, or any other text in Latin symbols. The name should be short enough to remember. It can comprise alphanumeric, dash, dot and underscore symbols.

  7. Specify the password that will be used for administering the mailing list.
  8. Specify the mailing list administrator's e-mail.
  9. Leave the Notify administrator of the mailing list creation check box selected.

    You will receive instructions on using and managing the mailing list at the administrator's e-mail you specified. Keep that message for your records.

  10. Click OK.

To post a newsletter issue or other information to the mailing list, send it by e-mail to the mailing list's e-mail address. All subscribed users will receive it.

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