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Domain Name Key Terms and Conditions

Key Terms for .UK domain names

The prices shown below are including VAT. You can toggle this by using the link in the footer.

Registration and renewal

Domain name registration/renewal fees are charged in advance for a period of your choice, between 1 and 10 years.

Prices for registration and renewal are the same - £6.50 for one year registration or renewal. If you choose two or more years, you will be charged £6.50 per year for registration or renewals.

If you register for one year, then immediately after you choose to renew for one year, you will be charged two transactions at £6.50. To take advantage of multiple year pricing, you must specify multiple years in a single transaction.

Transfer out

If you choose to transfer a .UK domain to another registrar, you may do this free of charge at any point providing you have paid all charges in relation to registration and renewals for the domain name you wish to transfer.

You will require the receiving registrars TAG which they will provide. You should enter this through our MyAccount control panel.

We will update the TAG within 24 hours of receiving your request.

Expiring and expired domain names

We will notify you, via email, when your domain name is due to expire.

You have 16 calender days after expiration in which you can renew the domain name at our standard renewal rate. From day 17 onwards, additional charges may apply.

Expired domain names are subject to additional terms and conditions, which you can view at