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Promotional codes terms of use

This document was last updated on Monday, 20th January 2014.

  1. Usage

    For a promotional code to be applied to your order, it must be entered into the shopping basket before you click Checkout. To enter a promotional code, click the link in the bottom left of your basket labelled Click here if you have a promotional code. You may only use one promotional code per order. If a second code is entered, it will override the first code.

    Promotional codes cannot be applied to previously placed orders.

    Promotional codes are non-transferable, and cannot be redeemed for cash, credit or towards previous purchases.

  2. Acceptance

    If, before accepting your order, we find that you are not entitled to, or fail to meet the terms and conditions of any promotional code, we may reject your order, or, process your order without the promotional code being applied.

    If your order is rejected and you have already made payment, your payment will be refunded via the method used. If your order is accepted with removal of the promotional code, and an additional payment is required, we may take a further payment via the same method, or request that you make an additional payment on your account.

    Bareflame reserves the right to reject any orders that use a promotional code.

  3. Minimum spend

    Where a promotional code is subject to a minimum spend, and the contents of your basket does not meet this amount, a message will be displayed detailing how much more you are required to spend before the code can be accepted. The code will automatically be removed from your basket. You must enter the promotional code again once your basket meets the minimum spend requirements.

  4. Promotional period

    Each promotional code has both a start date and an end date. Our systems will only allow you to apply a promotional code to your basket if it is within these two dates. If you place an order, your payment fails, and the promotional code expires, providing we accept the order, your promotional code will still be applied. Payment must be made within 5 working days of the order being placed, otherwise your order may be cancelled and you will lose the entitlement to the promotional code.

  5. Maximum use

    Each promotional code has a limited lifespan, which is checked at the time you apply the code to your basket, and again once you submit your order. During the checkout phase, the code may become invalid if another customer places an order with the same promotional code. Our systems timestamp each order, and whichever order is placed first will obtain use of the promotional code. It will then be at Bareflame's discretion to accept subsequent orders with the same code.

    Where the same customer places multiple orders with the same promotional code, and the code reaches end of life, all orders using the same promotional code will be cancelled.

  6. Abuse

    Any abuse of our promotional codes may mean we add a constraint to your account preventing you from using promotional codes on any future orders. Any customers found to be using additional accounts to circumvent this rule will have the same constraint added.

  7. Withdrawal

    Bareflame reserves the right to withdraw any promotional code at any time without notice. No correspondance shall be entered into.

  8. Additional terms

    Some promotional codes have additional terms and conditions attached to their use. These terms and conditions can be found from the main terms and conditions page.